GUNA is a Sanskrit term which means "all life energies of living beings". A parallel can be
drawn between the essence of this ancient word and GUNA's international reputation for leading medical innovation and production of no side effects medicaments.
A hallmark of GUNA's commitment to scientific advancement is collaboration in both Research
and Development and medical education within the Academic community in various well-known
Universities. This cornerstone of GUNA's vision ensures that the company is and will be on the forefront of integrative medicine – thereby providing the most advanced medical treatment concepts and products available today.

GUNA (GUNA S.p.a.) is the leading Italian company in the production and distribution of
low dose medicines, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics with a domestic market share of 25%, and a turnover of over 57 million Euros (for the year ending 31/12/2013).

The company’s success is due to the production of an innovative series of high quality and effective medicines designed and developed by GUNA Laboratories, as well as to the distribution of a wide range of medicines and food supplements of some of the most prestigious European
companies. The company also produces cutting-edge and sophisticatedly designed medical
devices, food supplements and cosmetics.

GUNA’s products are distributed in over 40 Countries, in the USA GUNA INC. distributes more
than 70 products FDA listed and regulated.

The company was founded in 1983 and its headquarters are located in Milan.
In 1989 the Italian Health Ministry authorized GUNA as pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Since then, GUNA has developed an important production department of two production facilities
in Milan:

- GUNA Laboratory - via Palmanova 69, the main manufacturing facility of a surface of about
60.000 sq. mt., for the production of low dose pharmaceutical products and medical devices;

- GUNA Laboratory - via Vanvitelli 6, for the production of Bach Flowers.

GUNA employs about 260 people, working in the departments of production, logistics, administration, marketing and medical-scientific information.

GUNA promotes numerous clinical and basic research conducted according to state-of-the-art
scientific standards*.

In addition to the activity of production and marketing, GUNA organizes an intensive program of
cultural updating for doctors in many Italian cities and all over the world, aimed at the diffusion of
biological medicine.

GUNA also supports several Associations operating to provide training for physicians and pharmacists, including e-learning programs in English and Russian.

* For the complete list go to www.gunainternational.com/research-partnerships